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In the area of law known as Personal Injury Law, Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors work for their clients to help them claim compensation, known as damages, for injuries suffered as a result of an accident where they were not to blame, or at least were only partly to blame. It is usual for solicitors working in this area of expertise to operate under a conditional fee agreement, which is usually advertised as ‘no-win, no fee’. This type of payment scheme means that your solicitor will not make any charges to you and will either recoup their fees and costs from an award of costs or percentage of your settlement, should the case go in your favour; or if the application for damages is not awarded they agree to write off their charges. If your solicitor is working on this basis, you know they will fight on your behalf.


An accident compensation claim solicitor will work to maximise your claim award, allowing for both general damages for your pain and suffering, and special damages which are made up of the following; lost earnings (both past and future), medical fees, prescription charges, travelling costs, personal property, insurance excesses, ongoing medical care and more.


To learn more about how to claim for an injury suffered as a result of an accident, check out the website of Claims Advice at the following address: If you call their landline-rate phone number, they can even connect you with a UK Accident Compensation Claim Solicitor.