Wholesale Hair and Beauty



Salon furniture is the assets of your salon. It is through the look and quality of the furniture, customers get attracted to your salon. Few of the most important salon furniture are salon chairs for hairdressing and cutting, massage or spa tables for efficient massaging and body spa sessions, shampoo units for efficient hair wash,  barber chairs, display stands to keep the equipment and decorative items in place, manicure and pedicure chairs with attached headrest, beauty beds for multipurpose and reception tables. The above are the basic salon furniture and equipment that one will need to decorate the salon in a modern way.


One of the most versatile salon furniture is beauty beds. Beauty beds can be used for both massaging sessions and can be folded for manicure and pedicure sessions. Threading, skin treatment everything can be done on beauty beds. These days beauty beds are quite advanced. Mostly they are upholstered with high-quality foam or leather and are quite dense and thick so that customers can get extra comfort while lying down on the bed.  There are companies and websites selling Discount Salon Furniture within a guarantee period.


The best destination to get beauty beds at a discount is http://www.salonsupplyaustralia.com.au/. Basic beauty beds start at $300 and up to $1000. The beauty beds sold by the company are upholstered with dense foam and come in 3 different types- hydraulic, height adjustable, electronic and portable. If you open the link you will get all details about the height, width, and weight of the furniture.