Untraceable Cryptocurrency



In this age of technology, people have been taking advantage of the internet to its full extent, whether it’s for online shopping or online banking. Ultimately, bitcoin was introduced a few years back as a new currency for the internet. Bitcoins are widely used all over the internet whether it’s World Wide Web or TOR network. With the recent ‘bubble’ of bitcoin, the BTC price has drastically increased, you will see tons of articles on the internet, explaining how you can earn bitcoins and where you can keep them. Although bitcoin is considered to be an anonymous cryptocurrency, that is not entirely true. Every transaction you make of Bitcoin will be automatically saved in the public domain known as Blockchain. Your information will be out on the display for the whole world to see. If you want to keep other people from snooping around in your finances then anonymity is essential for any cryptocurrency user. If you fear that your privacy is at risk when using bitcoin, then maybe you should look for another untraceable cryptocurrency, such as DeepOnion.

DeepOnion has been an integral part of the TOR networks and has been widely used as a currency on the internet. There are a lot of benefits for choosing DeepOnion, considering the market price of the DeepOnion and how the price is slowly increasing; maybe it is a great platform where you can invest little something. DeepOnion is completely anonymous unlike Bitcoin, where if you make a transaction through one bitcoin address to another bitcoin address, both of your addresses will be on display for anyone to see. Not that they will know how much bitcoins do you own, but they can also know your name and information if you have bought bitcoins through a popular retailer by providing your real name and bank information. DeepOnion is the ultimate tool when it comes to keeping the user’s identity completely anonymous. DeepOnion also offers some of other features that further prove that their organization is completely reliable. DeepVault is a tool introduced by DeepOnion where you can keep your important documents; all the information inside the DeepVault will be stored in the core part of the Blockchain. That means, your information cannot be ever deleted or tampered with. DeepOnion has recently introduced another primary tool known as DeepSend. The core purpose of DeepSend is to keep the identity of the sender and the receiver completely anonymous. All the transactions made through DeepSend will be untraceable, you will receive a confirmation message within few minutes of your transaction so that you don’t have to sit around and wait for the confirmation message. If you want to learn more about the DeepOnion, make sure you head over to their website, as they have showcased all the relevant information. You can also buy DeepOnions by clicking on this link: https://www.deeponion.org/ and then click on the ‘Cryptopia’ written on the front page.