The Soap Guy



Do you have sensitive skin, acne or eczema? Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious and prefer handmade beauty products that don’t contain chemicals and synthetic materials? Then you should be using handmade soap if you aren’t already. There are many benefits to using handmade soap, the best being that is good for your skin. The best handmade soap doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It is inexpensive to make and can be purchased at good prices as well.



Handmade soap contains water, lye and combination of oils and fats. Yes, lye can be harmful if it is applied directly to your skin. However, in the soapmaking process when the oils are combined with the lye, they create a reaction called saponification. Once this point is reached the soap will need to cool and then cure for a period of two to eight weeks. After the soap has cured, it is safe to use! Handmade soap is known for its sustainability, ability to produce rich lather and moisturize. These qualities are determined by what oils you add to the lye base mixture. Coconut oil is good for producing lather, as is castor oil. Animal fats make soap hard and stable. Olive oil and shea butter are known to be wonderful moisturizers.


Soapmaking can be a tedious process, therefore many people would rather buy it than make it. The soap loaves at are offered in bulk for low cost. You can buy and resell them if you wish, or simply stock up on soap for yourself.