The All New Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack!




If you have been a photography aficionado for any length of time, and more so if you are a professional photographer, by now you must know how prohibitively expensive acquiring a decent amount of photography equipment really is. It is not as simple as purchasing a camera. The more you delve into it, the more you realize there are additional, often unexpected purchases to make. There are different types of lenses to be bought for different photography styles, a mounted and self-standing flash, lights, tripods and the list of accessories goes on and on. Unfortunately for the vast majority of photographers with a limited budget, none of these items come cheap. This is why novice and expert photographers alike should consider taking advantage of the savings available to them. The Canon LP-E8 battery pack from manufacturer TSK represents a magnificent opportunity to save on replacement batteries for the Canon T3i battery and the Canon T5i battery. TSK is a relatively young company, a true rising star specializing in replacement batteries for cameras, adapters, and chargers. They know their business inside and out and this is one of the reasons why they are able to produce high quality products at competitive prices. Unlike most major manufacturers, TSK strives to keep their customers happy. Their business is not predicated on taking advantage of their customers and charging seriously high prices just because they can. Instead, they stand behind all their products. Because some people may be skeptical and doubtful of their products’ quality due to their low prices, TSK offers a one-year guarantee on all their products. If you buy an item from them, such as the Canon LP-E8, your purchase is protected against malfunctions and break downs within a year from the date of purchase. For TSK, customer satisfaction comes first. What better way to keep them happy than to offer the same quality as the original batteries and at competitive prices? The Canon LP-E8 battery pack is available for purchase on Amazon for the amazing price of $12.99.


This battery pack delivers the same performance as the original Canon T3i battery and Canon T5i battery. It is OEM compatible and is CE safety certified. These are two more assurances that you are buying quality with TSK, despite their low price. That is just another of the benefits! Go and see for yourself. Peruse the customer reviews of Amazon. There are over three hundred of them, with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of a possible maximum of 5 stars. If that still does not convince you, read a few of those reviews and you too will come to see that customers across the board agree on two major issues: First, the Canon LP-E8 battery pack manufactured by TSK works just as well as the original Canon battery as a replacement for the Canon T3i battery and the Canon T5i battery because it holds it charge adequately and, second, because it is affordable at any photographer’s budget.