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Curiosity is something that has led to human advancement over the years. There are a lot of remarkable inventions/discoveries out there that would not exist if human curiosity wasn’t there. It is certainly alright to question things, in fact, you should be able to question everything and learn from it, and so you can emotionally develop yourself better. There are not many places on the internet where you can have a meaningful conversation with someone who thinks like you. Most people would laugh off on your face when you mention that you have questions about the authenticity of the moon landing.



However, if you are one of those people that are not afraid to ask questions and just want to spiritually grow themselves, then you will make Nexidy your home. Nexidy is a free public forum, where myriads of curious minds from all over the world get together and share their views on whatever comes to their mind.


There are no rules for you to join Nexidy, but you are required to have an open mind and willingness to respect other people’s thoughts. If you want to have a meaningful conversation with like-minded people whether it is on a topic of ‘human vaccination’ or conspiracy theories, you are certainly welcome to have a debate with the member of Nexidy. If you want to know more about Nexidy and what makes it so great for the mental health development then all you need to do is shop on the following link: