Servidor Dedicado



Throughout history there has been great shifts in technology, the landscape and world of commerce has changed accordingly. Our current time has been classified as the digital era and also known as the Information Age. Service, manufacturing and commerce are all being automated and taken online. Companies more and more are turning to computers to streamline, enhance and grow their businesses.


As companies continue to embrace this digital revolution or fall by the wayside if their fail to keep up, a new type of commercial building is popping up around the country. They might appear to be vacant or unoccupied except for the faint tell-tale whirring of cooling fans, or the high frequency buzz of their massive power supplies. These are data centre, huge large-scale computer technology facilities housing hundreds or even thousands of computers. They can either be owned by a single entity, such as a large company or governmental body for example, contracted out to provide or Servidores Dedicados (dedicated servers) to multiple individuals or companies, or form part of a cloud or virtual server network where the computers processing power is shared out across multiple tasks.


A dedicated server has many benefits over using shared or virtual computer servers. For one you can usually choose the exactly system requirements, even down to the processor, motherboard, RAM memory and storage size, meaning that you can get the set up that fits your needs exactly and works with your existing computer network, hardware and any software you want to run on the servers. A dedicated server is also much more secure from both data breaches, infection by malware and viruses and the possibility of being associated with the same IP address as a less savoury or even malicious user or site. Dedicated servers also over much better performance and speed ratings, since you aren’t having to share your bandwidth with another user or users there should be no throttling. Contracting a dedicated server doesn’t have to be more expensive than using virtual or shared services, if you go direct to a reputable provider (and not through a reseller who will bump up the cost without adding anything of value) and choose wisely they are cost-effective.


Severis Data Centre is a top quality, customer-orientated dedicated server provider based in Mexico. There number one priority is to keep their servers running at all times, with a team dedicated to monitoring and maintain the compute servers in their facility around the clock. They offer fully customisable packages allowing you to pick and mix your computer server system. For more information you should visit their website at the following URL: it can be read in both Spanish and English, whichever is best for you just select from the drop down menu at the top right. Be sure to visit their client page to see their impressive resume of satisfied customers, and when you are ready to receive a free quote you can fill out the web form with your details and they will be right in touch with you.