Run Away From Bad Roommates



Did your current roommate misrepresent him or herself when you first met? Did you think he or she was a diligent college student looking to live with another diligent college student in an environment conducive to quiet reflection and study that only the most studious of nerds would enjoy? Then did your roommates partying-smoking-drinking-loud music play true self surface like an ugly non-nerdy monster? Are you trying to run away from bad roommates? Here at Friends with Beds, we understand.  However, do not make the same mistake next time. Visit At Friends with Beds you can search for an available bed for short or long term stays. You can filter your searches based upon whether you or your prospective new roommate smokes or drinks, is willing to do chores, drives a car, likes certain types of music, ages and more.  These filtering criteria help ensure a more compatible relationship with your new roommate.


Perhaps it is time to move out of your parents house. You are an independent, self-sufficient, young adult now and it is definitely the time to do so. However, perhaps you are just starting your career at a base salary and cannot afford an apartment alone.  Friends with Beds allows you to choose a roommate situation based upon character traits that you know will be compatible with your requirements. You are on the threshold of your career. You cannot afford to have a volatile situation at home. Do not rely solely on want ads on web sites that do not match a roommate’s potential compatibility with you. Trust Friends he safe, secure, Friends with Beds website for the chance to have a symbiotic roommate relationship.