Ron Perelman



Ronald Perelman is one of the most renowned investors and deal makers. He is best known for his capacity to identify and grab great business opportunities where nobody else sees them, as well as for his relentless negotiating skills, and his particular talent in the buyout business. His first forays into the business world started early, while still an elementary school student, when his father, Mr. Raymond Perelman would take him with him to business and board meetings, where Ron Perelman would witness how business deals are conducted and instilling in him a desire to become a businessman like his father. To this end, he attended and graduated with a business degree from the wonderful Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. While just a freshman at Wharton and with the guidance of his father, he managed to close his first major business deal, buying a failing brewery, which they managed to recover from the brink of collapse and later sell for a considerable profit, all of this within just a year.


It is no wonder why so many people try to follow his leadership in business. But with an estimated net worth of about twelve to seventeen billion dollars, Mr. Perelman is also a magnanimous philanthropist, generously giving to many causes, from donating several million dollars to his alma mater, as well as other universities. In addition to this, he has recently announced the donation of seventy million dollars for an arts center at the World Trade Center site.