The religion known as Islam is believed by historians to have started sometime in the 6th century, and since this time the practice of ‘Hijab’ or covering up the head and upper chest, has been prevalent amongst female followers of this faith. The basis of this practice is the belief that the Quran teaches women should be modest and protect their beauty from strangers, in case they might receive lewd glances from men who are not in their family. The idea of preserving yourself for your husband is of course common to many other religious and non-religious cultural ideals too.


In order to keep their head, face and chest covered up at all times women have taken to wearing special veils or covers. These go by a few different names and have subtle differences, as described: First, the Hijab, which is a term applied to any headscarf or veil that is worn in a manner to protect the head, hair and neck from being seen by onlookers. It is usually draped and then pinned into place to secure; secondly a Khimar is more of bespoke garment, fashioned as cape and hood all in one, it fits tightly around the face, goes over the head and hangs down over the chest, shoulders and back for more modest coverage of the upper body; Third a Niqab can be a type of Hijab or Khimar which is also drawn up over the lower half of the face, to cover the chin, mouth and nose and may also be extended down to cover the forehead – so only a thin band of the face containing the eyes is visible. Fourth for the ultimate in body modesty the Burqa is a head and body garment which is loosely fitted over the head and body to disguise any features of the face or figure. There is just a tiny mesh aperture for vision. Other types of garments for covering the body are also available such as Jilbab, Abaya and Chador.


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