QROPS Specialists




High taxes in the United Kingdom is one of the many difficulties retirees living abroad have to deal with, besides from having their pension funds mired in bureaucracy and having to pay additional taxes in the country they now live in. If you are in this situation or close to retirement and thinking of going to spend your life in another country, you might benefit from considering a QROPS, also known as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. This is an opportunity for a pension transfer, that is to move your pension fund to another country and to the currency of your choice. In addition, it takes your retirement funds out of the United Kingdom’s tax system. Of course, there are risks involved if you are not careful about choosing a professional pension transfer specialist. Lately there had been a slew of scams in the pension transfer business, with so-called experts who would seek to bend the rules and then down the road run into liquidity problems when retirees sought to take control of their funds. This entailed the loss of their entire pension funds to some retirees. Do not let this happen to you. Choose wisely.



Chose QROPS specialist and visit them at http://www.qropsspecialists.com, check out their blog and all the information they have available for you. Contact them with any questions you may have about the process or about your individual case. They will be happy to help you and guide you through the pension transfer process.