Property Management in Omaha



The erection, modification or renovation of both residential and commercial properties is known by the catch-all term ‘building construction’. The terms ‘home’ or ‘house’ are more often used to describe residential property, meaning long term accommodation for owners or tenants. Types of residential property include, apartment complexes, condominiums, villas, mansions, cabins, chalets, townhouses, mews homes, cottages, bungalows and ranch homes. Commercial property is used to describe buildings which are operated as a place of business or in the public interest. Some types of commercial buildings are restaurants, cafes and bars, hotels, gyms, leisure centers, retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, factories, warehouses, research facilities, storage facilities and medical centers. All building projects start at the planning stage, whether or not you need to employ a project manager is down to the size of the project, your expertise and appetite to handle the day to day running of the construction project yourself. Even with smaller home construction jobs it can be helpful to have an expert supervise the works as they often have access to discounts on supplies and suppliers, can ensure a fair deal from workmen and have the experience and knowledge to avoid any mistakes in scheduling or logistics in order to run the project to an agreed time-scale and within your budget.



Of the Construction Companies in Omaha, B Douglas Construction is unique in that it offers both full service construction expertise alongside its property and building management. Their portfolio of completed works includes new home building, commercial building construction and fitting, home repair, decoration, remodeling, refurbishment, upgrades and even demolition. Owner Bryan Douglas has over 20 years’ experience in the building trade and extensive qualifications and commendations including for his time in military service. He works alongside his wife Dawn who is a Nebraska licensed realtor, and mother to his three children. Their combined skills in building construction, property management and realtor services meaning they can help you buys, sell and lease the property of your dreams – whether that dream is a beautifully appointed forever family home, or a stress-free and profitable investment. They truly offer a one-stop shop for all your property needs. You can contact them for an appraisal or letting valuation and with free estimates for construction renovation and repair work also available you will truly be able to compare the best way to maximize profit from your property investment.



You can learn more about Bryan and Dawn, their experience, qualifications and outside interests on their company websites. If you are particularly interested in their property management services, uniquely paired with access to construction for any renovation or repairs then check out the property management section of their website which can be found at the following web link: They have a whole page detailing their satisfied customers, many from within the commercial sector – proof of their high level of customer service, professionalism and high quality craftsmanship. To get in touch click over to the contact page and fill their web form or you can find their telephone and e-mail.