Proforma Faktura



Long gone are the days when accountants used to maintain all financial records on paper. This was replaced years ago with the use of Microsoft Excel, followed by the use of Google Spreadsheets. This model was further replaced by the use of accounting software that had to be installed on particular devices so that the accountants or any other employee could efficiently manage the financial operations. Such software earned quite a popularity as they were easy to use and eliminated chances of human error in computations. However, this was soon replaced by the use of SaaS tools. Saas is nothing but software that is available online and works on Cloud.



The use of Cloud in accounting tools has made it quite easy for accountants and business owners to access their financial data anywhere. Whether they are at the office or on the go, all that they need to access the data is internet connectivity on a device that comes with a browser, whether that be a phone, tablet, laptop or any other device. Such tools have now become quite popular and one can find many options in the market. However, opting for a reputable service like Galaxima Faktury is important if you want to ensure that your data is in good hands.


This software not only provides the facility of being accessed anywhere on the earth, but it also comes loaded with numerous features that make it an ideal one for businesses, accountants and individuals who are looking for an efficient, yet simple to use software for their accounting needs. You can use it for online billing, generating Proforma Faktura, credit notes, advance invoices, tax document, and a lot more. Not only that, the software provides you invoice alerts so that you can be aware of non-payment and also allows you to have an overview of the invoices, any time you want.


You can also add professionalism to your documents by adding QR codes and EAN codes personalize them by adding your stamp and logo which will surely make your documents like tax receipts, invoices, bills, etc. look reliable and authentic.


So, in case you are looking for a tool that can help you do all these along with a better accounts management, you must visit This software is available for free of cost but you can use the trial version for only 7 days. Once the 7 days are over you will have to buy the premium version in order to use the software further. For obvious reason, the paid version will have more options to manage your accounts in the best way possible. So, what are you thinking? Get the trial version today and ask your accountant to use this software for the next 7 days. If you and your accountant think that this is the best software for you to use, then you can buy the paid versions. Make sure to choose the right paid version that will be beneficial for your business. There are options for customization available for the paid versions, so check them out carefully before you buy the software. Do not waste your time thinking too much, get your accounting software today and give your financial records a professional help!