Prickly Pear Oil



The prickly pear, a plant of the cactus species, mostly found in Mexico and North Africa produce fruits filled with seeds. These seeds are taken out and then cold pressed to extract the maximum quantity and quality of oil that will later be used in the manufacture of beauty items like Prickly Pear Oil.


The seeds found in the fruit are woody and hard containing less than five percent oil. Therefore, massive quantities of seeds need to be extracted before you can get a considerable amount of oil. On a ratio, up to 1000 kg of fruit would be needed to extract 30 kg seed to manufacture one liter of this oil.



The oil is light and translucent that when you apply just a thin layer on your skin, it normally soaks up within half an hour. It has an extremely low comedogenic rating because of its high linoleic acid content, making this oil acne proof, which is really good news for people with acne prone skin to use it without batting an eye.


High amounts of alpha-tocopherol and gamma, compounds found in Vitamin E are present in this oil. It also contains appropriate concentrations of beta-carotene and Vitamin K that are superb antioxidants.


This precious and rare oil is apt for all skin types, especially mature and aging skin and you get all these potent properties in one single bottle! You can check out the reviews of women who have used this oil on and you will find why this oil is so special!