Philadelphia Rehabs



Dependency on alcohol or drugs can be devastating not only to the addict, but to his or her loved ones. The disease can seal the success of even the most motivated person. It should be approached like any other disease; with treatment by professionals. That is where the experts for Philadelphia rehab at Philly Recovery Residence come in. With relationships with numerous detoxification programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), residential treatment programs, outpatient programs, medication assisted treatment (MAT) and sober living homes, we can offer quick and efficient placement in an appropriate facility no matter what stage of addiction or recovery the patient is in. After at least 30 days of inpatient treatment, we will place the patient in one of our comfortable, clean modern sober living homes. There, the patient will receive the structure, support and guidance so badly needed when leaving inpatient treatment. Studies have shown that where a patient receives the structure of sober living after inpatient treatment, the chances of maintaining long term sobriety are dramatically increased.


Philadelphia sober living at Philadelphia Recovery Residences offer affordable living. We recognize that patients who suffer from addiction are ill physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, a three-tiered approach is provided. We recognize that many patients have lost their livelihood due to addiction. Therefore, our residences cost only $150.00 per week with an initial investment of $250.00. The $250.00 includes the first week of rent plus a $100.00 intake fee. Your recovery is the most important priority in your life. You are fighting for your life. This disease can kill you. Treat it like you would a cancer. Contact Philadelphia Recovery Residences today at or call our 24/7 hotline at 215-792-3299 today to start the road to freedom from addiction.