Myles Elgaard Acting



Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Myles Elgaard is an actor. He was born in 1994 to the couple Ray and Gina Elgaard. At a very early age, Myles followed in the steps of his father and started playing football for his school. He was a part of the team for four seasons and became the winner of the Outstanding Lineman award for three successive years. In 2012, he was also judged as the strongest man in Utah. He continued his further studies at the UNLV as a student of Criminal Justice.



After college, Myles began his career as a police officer at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department where he continued to serve for two years. Though his service period was quite short, during this short time he made his mark and was conferred the “Commendable Action” accolade by his Command Captain. But soon he gave up this career as he wasn’t quite satisfied with his career and wanted to pursue acting as a career.


This made him join the 1 Media Productions Acting Academy and soon he discovered that his true worth lay here. As he started becoming a pro, he was offered to star in short films like the The Night of the Lunatic, Sibling Pressure, Titan’s Gym, and others. He recently featured in The Nightmare Gate Box as the lead. From the very beginning Myles showed that he was here to become the best actor and he was always ready to learn. To know more about what his director Dan Hewitt-Owens thinks about him, visit this link