The Internet has gone through a drastic change, gone are the days when you had to wait for hours to do the simple task, now you can do pretty much anything with ease. You can shop, create new businesses and socially interact with various people with just a simple click. However, in the real world, you would need an address for your mails to arrive, and an address for a certain shop that you want to visit.


Similarly, on the internet, your ISP allocate you with a virtual address and that is known as IP address (Internet Protocol). You cannot go on the internet without your IP address, because that would be the address where you will transfer information back and forth. However, your IP address is not something you need to remember or tattoo it on your body because your IP address can change by simply restarting your Wi-Fi router, and if you intentionally want to change your IP address, then you can ask your ISP (Internet Service Providers) to change it for you.


Your IP address is where your entire activity on the internet can be seen. It is not something is specific for each device, it depends on the internet you are using, for example, if you are connected to an internet via your local coffee shop then your IP address will be of the network, your coffee shop is using. If you want to find out your IP address, then you can simply go to My-IP‘s website, by clicking on this link: