Do you support local businesses in your area? Would you be more likely to shop with them or utilize their services if you had a coupon, or they had a special promotion or discount offered? Many people are more likely to shop with businesses they do not normally use if that is the case. A lot of times, businesses will mail out fliers or hand out coupons. Sometimes they will advertise a discount in local newspapers. Other times they will participate in a coupon book that is sold as a fundraiser.


Residents of the city of Madera and Madera County California have access to a special coupon magazine, called the Madera Values Quarterly. This magazine is mailed out to over 27,000 residents in the area four times a year. Furthermore, copies of the magazine can also be found at local businesses so that people who do not receive it in the mail can still take advantage of the special offers found inside.


This is not your average flier or coupon book. The Madera Values Quarterly is in magazine format, and all pages are full color. It is created and designed by a professional artist. Businesses who participate in the magazine are quite pleased with the quality, as well as with the new customers they receive because of it. Many businesses who are featured in the magazine have been using it as a source of advertisement for several years now. If you live in the area or are a business owner interested in participating, you can read more about it here: