Landscape Contractor



Silver Leaf Landscapes is a company that guarantees the careful completion of the best landscapes in the greater Santa Barbara area. This is achieved by consideration of a client’s vision and customization at every level of operation. Custom design is offered alongside custom installation. The company functions as a boutique design/build company. Under the careful guide of owner Lindsey Zero (landscape contractor) clients are immersed in the creative process from projects humble beginnings to final completion.



Silver Leaf invites you to share your vision. The projects start how all projects start, from the ground. The company itself is based the gorgeous Summerland but offers its services along the California Coast. This includes the majority of the Santa Barbara Area such as:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Goletta
  • Ventura
  • Hope Ranch
  • And Montecito


You can contact Silver Leaf Landscapes to find out if you can take advantage of the premium design and construction services. Lindsey Zero is experienced in his trade. He is certified and licensed as a landscape contractor as well as an ISA certified Arborist. In addition, he is a skilled Landscape Designer with a finite eye for beauty in his work. His experience level is categorized by the breadth of projects he has had the pleasure of working on. He does not forget the significant contribution that decent landscaping can make to a community. He is bringing environmental value, beauty and aesthetic vision to the homes of many pleased clientele. Being a landscape contractor requires a certain regard for the functionality that the job has to offer.


Silver Leaf Landscaping can provide professional assistance in construction affairs such as personalized landscaping, tree removal and hauling, complete demolition of structures, and customizable unique design features that can be installed at a client’s discretion. In addition, the landscape design services are versatile with an emphasis on both party’s involvement. Individualized guidance starts immediately at the projects start. If you bring in an idea, Silver Leaf can create a conceptual design plan for plant plotting. The team can assist in budget planning and creating an estimate for the costs of the envisioned plan. The counseling and consultation provided continues even after design elements are implemented for landscape improvement. To find out more about our company and who we truly are please visit