Kids Dirt Bikes



The acronym ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. These are small vehicles designed for use off-roading (generally they aren’t legal to drive on public roads) which are driven the same way as a motorcycle, except that they have four-wheel drive for extra stability and grip over rough terrain.



Kids ATVs are smaller, under powered versions of the grown-up machines and designed primarily for recreational use to be driven on off-road by kids as young as 10, without the need for a driver’s licence or specialist training. With better breaks and additional safety features they are easier to control and less likely to suffer from a tip over. Of course, there can still be accidents and collisions, so kids should practice first in a safe area at slower speeds. The importance of taking proper care and wearing their protective safety gear should be explained.


ATVs are fantastic to give kids a taste of independence, allowing them to explore the countryside and develop a sense of adventure. A Kids ATV is a great way to allow even the younger members of the family to join in outdoor family activities. Another benefit of ATVs is the ability to carry cargo or passengers.


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