Jack Simony



Jack Simony serves as chairman of the board at the negotiation institute. The negotiation institute has, since 1966, been providing valuable and extraordinary practical courses to teach negotiation skills to over a million and a quarter former students, ranging from governments, educational institutions, business associations, and individuals from all walks of life. The seminars at the negotiation institute focus on teaching executive negotiation skills to help both experienced and novel business people to gain a strong foothold in the business world and become true leaders in all areas of the economy. As chairman of the negotiation institute, he personally oversees the course content of the seminars offered by the institute, to make sure they are all rigorous and up to date in order to be effective in our modern business world.


Mr. Simony has also been responsible for incorporating webinars, online content and interactivity in the seminars offered by the negotiation institute. In addition to this, the work of Jack Simony at the negotiation institute has also hosted very important conferences, such as the award winning women in the art of negotiation summit, as well as the art of negotiation for real estate. Mr. Simony holds a master’s degree in business administration from the hautes etudes commerciales, in Paris, France. In addition to this degree, he also holds another master’s degree in financial strategy from the prestigious SAID business school at Oxford university. He is also certified as an expert in the field of fraud prevention and an advocate for human rights groups.