ICO List



You will often hear reports on cryptocurrencies in the news these days, but usually the financial pundits don’t provide much information or insight beyond discussion of the most well-known coin and have an alarmist and negative outlook. Despite this, millions of people are joining the digital currency revolution and investing in thousands of different coins, speculating on the continued financial growth and future profits.



For expert insight and full information on the latest and newest cryptocurrencies, including a full calendar of upcoming ICOs you should check out the website Coin Market Plus. With hundreds of Initial Coin Offerings starting in 2018 they can keep you update with their calendar of ICO events. Whilst there are huge opportunities to make an, often quick, profit by investing in ICOs, investors should be wary of scams and con artists who find their way to the unregulated financial world of cryptocurrency, promising huge returns and pray on your fear of missing out. There have been past occasions of investors making 100-1000% returns on their investment, but there have also been occasions where they have lost their whole deposit to unscrupulous financial sharks. Be sure you to do all your research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.


You can find the website of Coin Market Plus at https://www.coinmarketplus.com/. They list all upcoming, live and completed ICOs along with their own rating, which accounts for the reputation, feasibility and market potential of a coin which can help give you insight and avoid being scammed.