Homemade Face Care



Increasingly people are turning away from mainstream health and beauty products and seeking out natural alternatives or even making their own from real, natural, organic ingredients. There are so many chemicals found in even the so called ‘sensitive’ beauty products. Even popular products intended for babies contain harmful petrochemicals which have been subject to litigation and are now known to cause cancers. Other harmful chemicals including formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane (both cancer causing agents) have been found in the leading brand of baby shampoo and bath products. In the USA the situation is particularly dangerous as cosmetic companies are not required to safety test their products and there is no regulation ensuring all ingredients are listed on the label. For a safer alternative, making your own natural beauty products is definitely the way forward, allowing you to choose what ingredients go into your skincare, which is kinder to your skin, the environment and even your wallet.


If you are looking for Natural Beauty Tips or advice on making your own skincare and beauty products you should visit the website of ‘Safe Natural Beauty Tips’ by following this website link: https://safenaturalbeautytips.com. They have a great archive of beauty recipes and advice covering skin and hair care, hand and feet care and treatment of common skin ailments including acne, wrinkles, sun damage and eye bags. Most of the recipes don’t require any specialist ingredients, expertise or equipment to prepare. In fact, they have many simple one-ingredient tricks such as using garlic paste as a nail strengthener.