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President Eisenhower, a United States President with a military background, is famous for many quotes including the following text “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”. This quote summarises why, despite the fact that life often throws up surprises or unexpected problems, planning is simply inescapable. If you have ever undertaken a home renovation project or any type of building work, you will know this to be particularly true. Planning a home renovation begins with making sure you have all the relevant permissions and approvals in place, often a surveyor or architect will be brought in to check that plans are up to code and smooth over the application process. Without doubt, the most important aspect of planning is selecting a building contractor to undertake your work. Wherever possible you should get a personal recommendation for a contractor. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and the best; most reliable and quality workmen will often find jobs through this method. You can ask around your own acquaintances; friends, colleagues, neighbours etc. or even use local neighbourhood forums, search trade association websites and social media. You may even be able to ask local authority or building planning offices for any recommendations.


Once you have a builder in mind then you will want to meet with them to discuss your plans. Be sure to fully arm yourself with a list of all the pertinent questions you want to ask and have a clear brief, written down if possible, of the work you want to have carried out. This will allow you to get an accurate quote and to fully assess the contractors understanding of your home building project and their ability to communicate with you. Ask if they have any references that you can visit, customer testimonials or at the very least photos of similar projects they have completed. If they are unable or unwilling to provide any evidence of their skill and background, then avoid at all costs. Look for a competitive quote but don’t be fooled by an under-priced estimate which can be jacked up once the works are underway with hidden fees and additional costs for materials etc.


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