Garbage Chute Sprinkler



Trash Chute Sprinklers are a common safety tool that is installed in most high-rises and vast complexes, whether that be residential or commercial. In fact, many countries and states have made it a security mandate for builders and owners to install sprinkler heads, not only all over the complex, but in trash chutes as well. This is not just a furnishing, but a necessary security measure as well.



Installing a Garbage Chute Sprinkler at each chute entry point will stop the fire from spreading into the main areas in case a fire starts at the garbage collector level or anywhere in the system. It not only stops the fire from engulfing other areas, but also helps to smother it out gradually. These sprinklers come at a very negligible cost and can fit all types of chutes that one may find in the market, thus ensuring that there is no inconvenience at all.


So, if you are planning to install fire prevention mechanisms in your commercial or residential complex, make sure that you include chute sprinklers. You can easily opt for the as it is known to follow the NFPA standards and thus, ensure maximum safely and effectiveness when it comes to putting out fires that may occur in the garbage collection and collection system installed in the complex. It starts to sprinkle water as the temperature hits 165 F and thus, eliminates any chance of fire spreading via the chute entry points. Being made of brass, it can withstand high temperatures as well.