Futons Mattress



Are you faced with the need of buying an extra bed or a couch that could also double as a bed, but money is an issue? Maybe you are expecting visitors who will only stay for a few days but you do not want them sleeping on an inflatable mattress, but also cannot justify buying a bed. Perhaps you live in a small space and cannot fit a full bed in your home. In both cases a good alternative is buying a futon. Fabfutons offers a wide variety of futons for sale at great prices only at FabFutons.

In order to aid you in your selection of a new futon, taking into consideration the quality of the futon mattress is crucial. Here is some terminology about mattresses that might be useful to you. A futon mattress should be judged along four categories: Weight, rigidity, and how flexible and firm it is. All four together determine its comfort level and overall durability. For constant use as a bed, it is best to choose a heavier mattress. In contrast, if its main use is as a couch, rigidity, or its capacity to hold its form is most important.

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