Foam Spray Insulation

The act of insulation occurs when a material is placed in the walls, floor or ceiling of building structures. This may be done in order to soundproof a room, or for other reasons. Insulation is normally done for thermal reasons, or to control the heat loss and gain in a home or building. Most all modern buildings are insulated. If a building isn’t insulated properly then the temperature in your home will not be regulated, and this can result in a high electric bill. This is also not good for the environment. There are various materials used to provide insulation. Cellulose, cork, mineral wool, fiberglass foam board and foam spray installation are some of the materials commonly used.  Polyurethane foam is what is used for foam insulation. It is sprayed minimally onto the surface that will be insulated. It comes out in liquid form but expands and hardens upon application. Once the foam is hard, it insulates the surface it is applied to and is also waterproof.

Foam insulation is becoming one of the more popular ways to insulate building structures. It can be applied to several surfaces including brick, concrete, metal and wood. It is a cost-effective form of insulation because very little foam is needed since it can expand up to 25 times its original form. Foam insulation does not take up a lot of time either. The application time depends on the size of the structure being insulated, but it only takes a few minutes for the foam to expand and harden. This is also one of the most energy efficient forms of insulation because it protects structures against the three main causes of thermal reduction: conduction, convection and radiation.

Insulation must be handled by someone who has been trained how to handle it properly and safely. If you breathe in the fumes put off by the foam, it can be harmful to your health. If it gets on your skin, it can also have dangerous results. So, it is best to leave insulation services to people who know what they are doing. If you live in the United Kingdom, you may want to consider hiring Foam Spray Insulation Ltd, if you live in their service area. They have been in the insulation business for over twenty years and are well known. Their insulation also meets the standards of building codes and fire regulations for that area. Prior to the actual application of the insulation, someone will survey the property in which you are having insulation applied. They will give you a time estimate depending on the size of the property as well as a cost estimate so you will know up front how much you might have to spend. When surveying, they will determine the condensation of the building and calculate its U-value. They will also perform a risk assessment. If you want to get a quote for insulation, or just want to learn more about the company, then you should check out their website at