Flange Spray Shield



Do you own a chemical plant? Are you aware of the problems that might be caused by the leakage of chemicals that are being used in your plant? Well, if you are not yet aware of the fact, then it might be a good time to get to know them and start preventing such situations. Normally, in these industries, pipelines are designed and constructed in such a way so that the chemicals can flow through them from one end to the other with ease and without harming anyone, but since you can not install pipe in your system without a joint, it is obvious that there will be always a chance of leakages.


Flange Spray Shield can stop these leakages from spraying out of the joints and there by making sure that the harmful chemicals stay inside the pipeline. You need to understand that leakages are not only dangerous for the workers in your plant, but also might be problematic for the environment as well.


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