Fire Shutter



If you look at the past, we have all seen a fair amount of terrifying fire accidents, and that only goes to show that fire is not something that you can easily dismiss. There have been numerous fire accidents in the past that have claimed lives of people along with some serious structural damage to the buildings. You can ignore the fact that fire accidents can be really devastating, especially if you’re an owner of that particular building and you’re just standing there looking it all turning to crisp. This can only happen if you have poor safety system, at the same time, there is essentially no method to stop the fire from breaking out in the first place, as there are numerous ways for a fire to break out, but there several effective methods that can play a vital role in containing the fire. The most effective method method that is commonly used in hotels, since they are always at a high risk of a fire accident because of cooking equipment is Fire Curtains. Fire curtains have been around for decades now, it is not a new concept. Fire curtains are considered to be the ideal fire safety equipment because of how effective it is when it comes to containing fire. Fire curtains are made from special material that cannot burst into flames that easily, depending on the material, an average fire curtain can withstand up-to 600 Celsius of heat and it can stop the fire from getting inside parts of the building that could have some consequences, such as death.



Traditionally, fire curtains come with their own fire alarms, so that whenever fire breaks out, it can deploy on its own and prevent the fire from causing any further damage. The prime location to install fire curtains is around the staircase, elevators, and any other narrow spaces that has good air flow. By installing fire curtains in those locations, you can actually create an escape route in an event of fire. This is why some countries legally require you to have fire curtains installed at schools, hotels, hospitals, and other crowded places, so that people could evacuate easily without taking any serious damage along the way.


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