Fanduel Lineup Picks



Whenever someone talks about DFS (Daily Fantasy Sport), it is absolutely certain that someone will bring up Fanduel or Draftkings. As these teams have dominated the market with the combined total worth of over 1 billion USD, that is almost 95% of the entire DFS market. Given the recent success of DFS, a lot of investors have started investing in DFS; this can either be a very bad decision or a very good decision if you have all the right tools and information to succeed. If you want to have access to the cheat sheet that includes all the relevant information such as the player’s salary, ceiling, floor, and projected score then it is advised to head over to DFS WL (DFSwinninglineups) and start taking advantage. DFS WL is a perfect tool for new or even old DFS players with all the guides and popular DFS Fanduel Picks by the DFS experts.

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