Family Dental Services




Choosing a new dentist can be a daunting experience. To begin with, most of us would much rather not need to go to a dentist. The sound of the drill, the smell of a dental office, are enough to trigger our memories of a particularly bad dentist experience, so it is only natural to feel anxious and nervous when trying to find a dentist because we really do not want just any dentist, we want the best dentist. One that will be relatable, knowledgeable and experienced, but most importantly, gentle on our teeth and attentive to preserve the functionality and integrity of our smile. Indeed, those are a lot of requirements in one decision.

Fortunately, at EccoDental all of these requirements are met and surpassed. EccoDental is a family dental services provider in the Glendora, California area. Their focus is in providing a holistic, eco-conscious practice for all their patients, free of toxic materials and metals. Their services are wide ranging and all under the same philosophy: To preserve the integrity and functionality of the teeth of their patients. For example, traditionally, teeth fillings were done with metallic materials that include mercury, a well-known poisonous metal for humans. This practice was very popular for many generations. Today we know it can lead to harmful effects on the overall health of a patient and not in use at EccoDental.

You can visit the website for EccoDental, your Glendora dentist, at to get a complete list of all their services, their telephone number and exact location, as well as coupons.