Fair Trade Home Decor



Have you heard about the products and philosophy behind Fair Trade Products and Fair Trade Home Decor? It is an exciting movement designed to ensure workers and farmers in developing countries have safer work environments and are paid promptly and fairly so they can afford life essentials such as nutritious foods, adequate and clean, functioning living quarters, education healthcare and community development. Fair Trade promotes environmental stewardship by recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming products. They take a tough stance on child trafficking and labor exploitation. Sustained development is acquired when workers are allowed to flourish and are treated fairly. Workers who are paid for their labor will sustain the community by affording goods and services they so desperately need. The products sold with the Fair Trade mark displayed on them are made by workers that are working in safe conditions and are paid promptly and fairly for their labor. The products are handmade, impeccably crafted, beautiful items.



Profits over people. That is what we do not allow at Fair Trade Home Decor. If you, as an employer will not treat workers and farmers fairly, we will not allow you to use the mark. The mark signifies that a responsible employer who takes people over profits is behind the manufacturing of the product.  We offer handmade clothing, home decor, and more – all made from recycled or reused materials in an effort to sustain the community environment and the environment at large. You can display our products proudly knowing you helped a farmer or worker to sustain a healthy life free of exploitation and unsafe conditions. We also offer free shipping for purchases over $60.00! Visit us today at https://www.fairtradefusion.com/