Elastic Tape



The concept of rope has changed drastically. Previously ropes were made out of jute fiber extracted from tree trunks. The process of making such ropes was long and difficult. Today nylon, polyester, and Kevlar are used instead of jute fibers. They are much stronger than the previous materials. Webbing is a particular kind of flattened tape that is made out of nylon, Kevlar, and polyester. It’s highly versatile in the outdoor industry. Starting from bags, shoes, belts, bands for trekking equipment, they are used in various ways. Say for cushions, it can be used as a decorative item in cushions and bedding.


Another such versatile tape is the elastic ones. These tapes are highly elastic that are made of the same material. Either they are nylon or polyester. You will get this kind of tapes in sizes starting from 30mm to up to 400 mm. these tapes are used in the medical field as bandages that help to cure broken muscles and bones. They are tied on the broken part in circular motions and the elasticity helps to maintain the grip on the outer surface. Also, these are used in the garment industry to manufacture a strap like products.


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