Eco Friendly Jewelry

Do you try to conserve natural resources as much as you can? Do you try to use products and wear clothing and jewelry that are environmentally friendly and animal safe? If you do, that is great. Many people are trying to be more aware of our ecosystem and protecting and conserving it. Even just taking small steps like turning the water off while brushing your teeth and recycling aluminum and plastic are important.

Do you use disposable air fresheners in your car, like the plastic ones that you clip on your vents, or the little paper trees that hang from the rearview mirror? Did you know that these materials are not recyclable and therefore these are not good for the environment? But don’t worry, there is a safe alternative. Fiheroe is an online retailer that sells eco-friendly products, and among those is a Reusable Car Air Freshener. These air fresheners are made from silver and gold and clip on to your vents. They come in a variety of styles including butterflies and elephants. Their fragrance is long lasting and can be refilled as needed in the scents of lemon, ocean and jasmine. The best part is you don’t throw them away, you just keep refilling them as needed. Or if you need a break from the fragrances, they can still ride stylishly in your car.

Additionally, most of the products on the website cost less than $20. Therefore, the products are not only eco-friendly but financially friendly as well. Check out and make a purchase today!