Driving Simulator for Training and Research



If are learning to drive and finding it difficult to get the necessary hours of driving practice in – perhaps you don’t have anyone qualified who can take you out, don’t have access to your own car, or can’t afford expensive private driving tuition – an affordable option to build your skills and learn that all important automated driving skill is by practicing with a virtual Driver Simulator for Training and Research. With the use of specialist driving simulation and tuition software your virtual instructor can guide you through a driving syllabus covering vehicle control, checking mirrors, steering parking and reversing; reacting and interacting with traffic, following the right of way rules and safe following distances; safety awareness and Eco-driving. Advanced software can even monitor your behavior and provide feedback on your ability and driver skill with regular assessments.



With a driving simulator you can even practice in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, wind, driving rain, fog or even dusk and nigh-time with realistic urban and rural environments you can be sure to encounter every type of road layout and obstacle. Unique scenarios can even be programmed to train your emergency braking – without endangering any real life pets or pedestrians!


For more information on the benefits of learning to drive with Carnetsoft Driving Simulators you can visit their website for a full breakdown of their Advanced Driving Instruction Program Syllabus along with pictures and videos of their driving simulator software in action. Their website can be found at the following URL link: http://cs-driving-simulator.com/