Domino’s Pizza



Feeling hungry and do not want to have your homemade food? Not to worry as you can order Domino’s Pizza any time you want. They are tasty and readily available. But if you are new in Malaysia, you may face some problem trying to find a Domino’s outlet. But not to worry as Onestoplist is here to help you out.

This portal provides you a comprehensive list of the various Domino’s outlets throughout Malaysia and you can visit any of these outlets. The addresses of all outlets are provided on the website so that you do not have to look elsewhere for the correct address. Not only that, the portal provides contact number of all outlets so that you can contact them and order home delivery as well. Moreover, you can get a brief idea about what to expect or order.

For that you can visit and read more about the fast food chain and its growth in the Malaysian market. Apart from being your perfect guide to finding that crispy, crunchy pizza, Onestoplist also serves a variety of purposes. You can get to know more about various other important food chains in Malaysia like McDonalds, etc. It also provides valuable information regarding accommodation for tourists and visitors, transportation, travel and tour packages, petrol station pharmacies, supermarkets and much more. You can also find information about different government organizations like police stations, fire stations, hospitals, customs department, etc. so that you do not have to face any hassle if any need arises.