Custom Cup Sleeves



Do you run a bistro that you want to promote? Well, you have numerous options to do just that. You can advertise your store on the local daily, on TV, via the internet, etc. You can also put up billboards and placards in the neighboring areas so that people can easily get to know that you run a bistro that serves good coffee. You can also distribute flyers, pamphlets, etc. to let people know that you ‘exist’. Though all these methods may be effective, yet they can incur a lot of expenses.


If you want to spend a small amount to promote your store, yet make a great impact on people, then you can start using Custom Cup Sleeves for your store. Cup sleeves, when added to coffee and tea cups, can ensure that your customers to do not have to face problems with the heat that dissipates from the cup while they sip on their favorite coffee. Customizing the cup sleeves by adding your store name, logo, tag line, or store address will give you added benefits of using the cup sleeves. The cup sleeves will not only add to the convenience of the customer but will also be a great marketing technique that will increase brand visibility and recognition.


What makes the use of custom-made cup sleeves a lucrative choice is that offer high quality sleeves at extremely low rates and very low minimum orders so that you do not have to spend a lot of money for promotion and advertising.