Crypto Tracker



The dawn of digital technology is upon us, it is slowly eliminating the need for banks by providing better alternatives, such as cryptocurrency. You can do any transaction without having the cash or contacting your bank with the help of cryptocurrency. It wasn’t long ago when cryptocurrency was considered as just a ‘bubble’ and it was expected to crash. However, after looking at the current market value of bitcoin, they all have started admitting that cryptocurrency is the future of our currency.



If you don’t know much about bitcoin and you want to know how it works, then don’t go anywhere else, you’re at the right place. Bitcoin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency that keep records of your transactions in the public ledger called blockchain. Anything that’s once inside the blockchain, it cannot be deleted. This is why it is considered such an important tool for us to have. However, it is public ledger, so everyone can see how much money do you have and how much did you spend. From investment perspective, it is the perfect place to start.


If you look on the internet, you will come across a wide range of cryptocurrencies that will impress you with their market value. However, it is important to have a Crypto Tracker on your side to get better insights. If you’re looking for one, then allcyou have to do is click on this link: and you can download Krypto Graphe’s mobile phone application.