In the 21st century will truly live in a global world – businesses are not limited to a specific locality for recruitment and their customer base. In fact, in order to be truly successful, it’s required to have at the very least an online presence in order to present your services around the world. Whilst this presents terrific opportunities for your business it also creates some problems, namely how to keep the different arms of your business connected and how to connect customers to the right department within your business bearing in mind that may not be in the same country or even continent as where they are located.



The solution is PBX systems and telephone exchange switches or Conmutadores. These will connect every part of you company, joining together all your differences branches, field agents and remote communication devices to create one single private telephone network. PBX in fact stands for Private Branch Exchange. With such as system you will connect together offices in Europe, America, any at home workers and travelling appointments into a single private integrated telephone network. Calls between anyone on the network are free and it is even easy to set up conference calling too. Anyone calling into the system from outside the private network either through a singular global telephone number or localised regional numbers can be routed through PBX system with an automated attended. The automated attended will answer your companies phones with a pre-recorded greeting, narrow down the callers needs through a series of questions which can  be answered through the telephone keypad (if you are calling to discuss your bill please press one, if you are calling to upgrade your plan please press two, and so on) or they can be bypassed with the input of a specific extension code and connect immediately to the phone of any individual on the network.


At one time these telephone routing services were prohibitively expensive for all but the largest companies, as they required actual physical infrastructure to be installed and experienced personnel to manage and maintain the system. However, now the option exists to create a virtual network with a central exchange or switch located in the ‘cloud’. These don’t require any hardware, are quick to install, flexible, reliable and the management is cheap to outsource making them far more cost effective. They also have the bonus of being much more secure with advanced encryption, firewalls and server redundancy preventing against attack or down-time. It has never been easier to connect your employees and customers.


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