Colonial Penn



Browsing for the best burial insurance or funeral insurance for a family member or yourself? You do have a difficult task ahead. The market has been flooded with numerous policies that come with different features, coverages, premiums, etc. You have to understand which one is the best for you or you may end up paying more than what you should or not getting the benefits that you need to secure your future. As such, it would be prudent that you have a guide to help you out in choosing the right insurance policy.


That’s exactly what Assurance Life does. They are an independent insurance broker who can help to compare and choose the best funeral insurances so that you do not have to take the stress of finding it out all. Among the many insurance providers, Colonial Penn is a prominent name. They have three different policies – Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, Renewable Term Life, and Permanent Whole Life Insurance. Though all three policies have their own benefits, their flagship product, i.e. the Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is a great one.


The policy offers a no questions asked acceptance promise which means that your application for the insurance will be accepted without any medical checks, health-related questions, etc. If you apply, you get guaranteed acceptance which great for those who are suffering from different illnesses or conditions which may have an impact on the insurance. However, you have to pay more in premiums. To know more about this, turn to