Chess Boards



Whenever someone talks about chess, it is often associated with the ‘smart’ or ‘genius’ people. In reality, that is not entirely true. This is really like the egg-chicken scenario; do smart people tend to play chess more often or does playing chess makes people smart? Well, according to the research done on 4000 students in the Venezuela, it was shown that playing chess actually helps you increase your overall IQ. All those students were given chess instructions for over four months, and after that the results they showed in the IQ score were significantly better than before.



Back in the day, kings and rulers used to practice chess rather thoroughly in order to mentally prepare themselves or come up with new strategies against other monarchs. However, you don’t necessarily need to be Sherlock Holmes in order to play chess, even 5 year old kids can play chess, and it all depends on your strategy of winning and how you trap your opponent’s king. No matter what social background you have, you will feel connected with your opponent through the passion.


Chess teaches you a lot of things, one thing is for sure that it teaches patience and gives valuable lessons in critical thinking that you can also utilize outside of the game. If you are looking for a place to buy premium quality Chess Boards, then you need to visit Official Staunton Chess Company’s online store by following this link: you will be surprise to find out that their chess board has also been bought by Queen Elizabeth.