Cheapest Dumbbells



Healthy diet and regular exercise are the key to loosing weight, but most people will automatically think of cardiovascular exercise such as running, swimming, biking or skiing. Activities such as these will burn lots of calories, but did you know that by adding in strength training to your regime you actually burn more calories during your cardio training. Additionally, by building lean muscle mass your metabolic rate is increased, helping you to keep the pounds off. One of the best and cheapest methods of strength training is using free-weights, specifically dumbbells. You can buy these for very little money in order to work out at home with no other expensive equipment or fancy gym membership necessary. Free-weight training is actually even more beneficial to your overall body fitness compared to using barbells and weights machines, since your whole body and especially your core has to work at stabilizing and balance during your workout. Having a strong core helps your athletic ability, gives you a better posture and can prevent or lessen any back aches.


Using dumbbells, you can work out every group of muscles with different exercises, whether you want to target your arms, back, thighs, calves, glutes or abdomen. Now that there are so many personal trainers and video workouts available online, often for free, it is easy to create a workout to suit your needs. Alternative you may subscribe to one of the various Fitness Regimes such as Cross-Fit, Tabara or HIIT training – in which case access to free-weights is a necessity. Add in eight hours sleep a night, good nutrition and make sure you drink plenty of water to maximize your healthy weight loss.



For very little initial investment you can buy a complete set of quality dumbbells. Even if the budget is only a few dollars you can still buy a single or pair of cheapest dumbbells at a starting weight (and perhaps add to your collection as your strength increases). For beginners and those who need only the lighter weights, look at neoprene or vinyl weights for the cheapest way to get started. The only downside can be that they are not quite as durable as the slightly more expensive rubber-encased dumbbells which are more suited towards those who need heavier weights or need their dumbbells to be able to withstand impacts; for example if dropped during a failed lift. Whichever style and size you go for, choose a dumbbell with a hex shape, so it doesn’t roll around unintentionally and be sure that the handles are comfortable and hard wearing.


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