Car Simulator



One of the cheapest methods to learn to drive, which doesn’t technically involve getting into a vehicle, is through the use of a Driver Training Simulator. Virtual reality driving software, similar to the kind found in popular racing games such as ‘Need for Speed’ but programmed to be far more realistic to real life scenarios, is coupled with a fake car rig. The car rig features a steering wheel, pedals, gear stick; everything you would need to control a real car, but instead of looking through windows and mirrors, your ‘view’ of the road is presented by a number of different computer monitors. Carnetsoft is one developer of driving simulation software that works to create instructional programmes that not only mirror the genuine experience of driving a car but provides you with a virtual driving instructor to guide you through the teaching syllabus until you have mastered all elements of vehicle control, automated driving skills and driving theory too. In fact, whatever country you want to get a driving licence in they have designated software adapted to the local driving customs, scenery, road markings, signage and highway code.


You can find out more information about Carnetsoft’s software for learning to drive at their website: including videos demonstrations of their software in action and a detailed description of their virtual driving course syllabus.  You can also explore their website if you are interested in the other applications of driving simulations including behavioural and pharmacological research, clinical applications and fitness testing.