Bitcoin Koers



There was a time when everyone was skeptical about bitcoin. However, after looking at the constantly growing market value, it is now considered as the ‘future of our currency’. According to the experts, it was estimated that within few decades, our entire currency system will be replaced by the digital currency, but that is not happening anytime soon because banks wouldn’t simply just go-home. Digital currency is a revolutionary step, it allows us to make a transaction anywhere in the world without paying a hefty amount of fees. The best part about using bitcoin is that it is a blockchain based currency. If you don’t know about blockchain, then you have come to the right place.


The blockchain is a public ledger that keeps a record of all your transactions. The blockchain is easily accessible and transparent; allowing the users to know exactly how much is coming and going. However, blockchain is public ledger that means everything on the blockchain is visible by the general public. Everyone can find out how much money you have in your wallet and where did it come from.


Blockchain does not only hold records of your transactions, but you can also put anything important on there. It will remain on the blockchain till the end of the internet. There is no way of deleting it. If you are thinking about investing or learning more about bitcoin, then you need to know about all the important details. You can find them at the Bitcoin Koers’ website by clicking on this link: