Bathroom Remodeling



They say home is where the heart is, and that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s true to say it is a central hub for many. With families gathering together for cooking, eating and socialising you want this room to look its best. At the same time the thought of going through a costly and disruptive kitchen renovation, involving tearing out countertops and workmen and installers is overwhelming. Having your kitchen out of action for even a couple of days makes you realise how much you take modern amenities for granted. Nothing like trying to feed your family with just a camping stove to cook with and then washing your pots and pans in the bath!


As an alternative to a costly full kitchen renovation, a more manageable, and affordable option is to simply resurface your Kitchen Countertops. With modern resurfacing techniques and formulations derived from the space industry, you can have a hard wearing new worksurface in just a day with the same expensive look as granite or Corian for just a small fraction of the price. Even if your worksurface is not in the best conditions, chipped or cracked laminate, damaged fibre glass or just worn and stained, you can completely cover any flaws and give it a whole fresh look.  With a new edge bevel, you won’t even be able to tell that it isn’t a completely new worktop.


The process for resurfacing a kitchen countertop is simple to understand but requires a skilled technician to get the flawless finish you want. The first step is key as the surfaces must be thoroughly prepared and the areas that you don’t wish to be treated need to be taped up, in fact the whole kitchen might be covered in plastic sheeting to create an airtight spray tent. Once the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and sanded down any repair works can be carried out before the surface is coated in an epoxy primer. Once the primer is laid down the StoneFlecks coating can be sprayed over the entire surface. Finally, a finishing coat gloss is used to seal the surface and provide a non-porous surface. The result is an incredibly hard wearing, polished stone-like counter surface which is easy to clean and has superior stain resistance compared with the more expensive countertop materials. For your complete peace of mind all Renew Resurfacing countertops are guaranteed for 5 years.


To learn more about countertop remodeling you can visit the website of Jim and Candy Work, the Omaha based husband and wife team behind Renew Resurfacing. They have a wealth of experience and a hard-working customer orientated approach to their business, striving for 100% customer satisfaction in everything they do. You can contact them for a free consultation via their website at the following address: Here you can also find some great images of countertop makeovers they have carried out and be amazed at the transformations they offer and their family of six boys!