Aspire Nautilus Pod



Aspire has released so many great pod based systems recently that it is getting hard to keep up. First, it was Aspire Breeze then Aspire Breeze 2, all of them are equally great but they released something new and fresh to the vaping enthusiasts; Aspire Nautilus AIO. It is a relatively cheap device but don’t take that as it is any less powerful because it is a powerful device with 1000 mAh battery.



However, you might not consider Aspire Nautilus AIO as a pod based system, but it is really a pod based system; you fill up the tank and take a hit. Pod based systems have completely taken over the vaping industry, as they are more suitable for new users, and the rest of counterparts are just a dying breed at this point. It is not a bad thing though, because most pod based system users are kind of at the younger side and they all prefer pod systems with the exception of few people, pod systems are basically what are devouring the market.


Aspire Nautilus Pod is basically of the same size as Aspire Breeze but what is exceptional about it is that it utilizes old coils, if you are an old vaping enthusiast then you would remember the old BDC Coils, but Aspire Nautilus Pod utilizes the Nautilus BVC Coils (Bottom Vertical Coil), and that storms the market. If you want to try out new Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod system then you can grab yourself from here: