Agent Seth Levinson



Making your mark in the field of basketball is often an uphill task even if you have great skills as a player. This is mainly because there are thousands of basketball players across America who aspire to make it big. Moreover, unless you get to play for a popular club in the US, you wouldn’t be able to make a name for yourself even if you are a great player. That is why, it is important that you have someone to help you get noticed by the famous clubs in the US.


And this is exactly what Agent Seth Levinson is good at. He runs an agency called ACES along with his brother Sam and both of them are popular basketball agents who help players are willing to make it big. The brothers are very popular agents in the field of basketball and their agency is a premiere agency in the US known to have cracked the most number of multi-year deals for players that have signed up with them.


Not only will they help you get a contract from a popular basketball club in the US, they will also help you with the contract negotiations so that you get paid what you deserve. That apart, they are also dedicated to help players with their PR as well as endorsement campaigns, thus ensuring that you do not have to worry about anything at all. The story at will also tell you that they will stand by you at all times, on and off field.