Adore Hair Color

If you are a fan of high-quality hair and beauty products that you can get for an economical price, then you should consider shopping at online retailer Shop Beauty Town. They have many hair and beauty products to choose from at prices that won’t make you click “remove from cart.” From hair caps, to products that smooth and treat damaged hair, to hair color they have many choices. They also sell beauty products including clay masks and essential oils.

Adore Hair Color is one of their more popular hair products. It is a semi-permanent hair color. Adore is considered cruelty-free because they do not involve animals in their testing process. It is tested by hair stylists and has been a trusted salon brand for many years. Additionally, the hair color does not contain any alcohol, ammonia, peroxide or other chemicals that are known to cause hair damage. The website boasts more than 20 shades for you to experiment with. If you’re not too much into change, they have calmer shades of blacks and browns. If you’re into experimenting, they have many exciting colors you can try. These include: baby blue, clover, cotton candy, fruit punch and truly red.

The majority of the beauty and hair products on the website cost less than $20. If you purchase more than $20 in product, your order will be shipped for free. And if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with what you ordered, the company is willing to refund your money if you return your purchase less than 30 days from when you bought it. Find out more about their products at: