With our modern, busy lives and overabundance and exposure to all types of advertising, business can no longer rely on word of mouth and reputation to survive and thrive. The typical phrase “out of sight, out of mind” resonates now more than ever amid our saturation of media. If your business or brand is not in the minds of potential customers, chances are your business will not even come up to consideration for their patronage, simply because they cannot remember you! This is one of the reasons why marketing and advertising campaigns get bigger and bigger all the time and why competition among similar products or services becomes fiercer and tighter. But how can small business with modest budgets compete if they are unable to put together a show stopper of an advertising campaign? Actually, it is a lot simpler than it might seem and a lot cheaper too. EDDM advertising is the answer. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail and it offers a great opportunity to reach your target market by identifying potential customers by their zip code. Just deliver your postcard to USPS and they will distribute it among your selected zip codes. If you do not have the time, patience or experience to design an advertising postcard, 55printing, an online provider of printing services, can take care of all the details of your EDDM campaign.

Typically, for your EDDM campaign, you would need to design your postcard, make sure that it complies with the mailing requirements set up by USPS, bundle it as required and get it in the hands of USPS for distribution. But who has the time for all of this and who needs the additional stress? With your busy life, it is best to leave your EDDM printing needs in the hands of professionals. 55 Printing makes this whole process easier. You can select a ready made template or use their free online design studio. If you already have a design or would like to use an original one, there is also the option of uploading your own design. They also have an assortment of sizes to choose from, all guaranteed to comply with the mailing requirements demanded by USPS and also different types of paper, depending on the particular look you would like for your postcard. To make sure your postcard looks exactly like what you expect, they will also provide a free design proof and free printing product samples. Also, you can be sure to get the best price possible, since they also offer a price match guarantee.


Please visit the website for 55 Printing at http://www.55printing.com/ to check out all their available services for all your personal and business printing needs. Choose from their low priced business cards, banners, door hangers, flyers, brochures, or more and learn more about their printing options and how they may help you. Their customer service representatives will be glad to hear from you and assist you with all your questions about their services.